Saturday, May 14, 2011

Powered Up!

Our first official camp came in on Thursday, and I am happy to report it is pure bliss... Well I can only speak for my self. But I love, love, love my job. Granted I only officially have one day under my belt and I haven't experienced half of what I will actually be doing this summer. But none the less I love it.  Before summer officially starts and I get my summer  staff, I am handling more front office duties (checking out Frisbees, answering questions, giving directions, and etc). None of the work is hard it just gets busy doing these things along with my primary responsibilities. But that is what I love, I love the challenge of multi tasking and may I dare say, a wee bit of chaos. And for the most part I only failed once yesterday. I got a call on the radio to give someone some information and totally got sidetracked by campers asking for Frisbees and such only to realize it over an hour later. Thankfully this person (Kelsey Silver) is an incredibly understanding person and was affirming me even after I confessed my failure.

Speaking of Kelsey, more of the interns have arrived. Some are staying some are not but will be coming back. Kelsey falls into the later category. I have been enjoying the peace and quiet but love that they are starting to arrive. I can see a great community forming here this summer.

Another huge highlight is the weather.. God is so good! The entire week leading up to this camp it had been pouring down rain. Just miserable weather. And it was supposed to continue through the weekend (per the weatherman) but Thursday afternoon right before campers arrived the sky opened up and since then it has only been blue sky's. No rain! How crazy is that!

Right now I am feeling blessed that God led us here and that we are both in jobs that feed our souls. I can't imagine spending our summer any other way!

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