Monday, May 16, 2011

Life's Little Nuggets of Wisdom

A couple of nights ago I sat down to dinner with 7 strangers. I happened to sit next to a lady named Karen. Throughout dinner there was mostly small talk. Then the conversation turned to Nick and I and our journey as Nomads. Jokingly I  confessed that Nick would be thrilled to continue a life like this for many years to come and that I myself was ready to settle down. She then told me about how she ran away to Samoa with a man who became her husband. He died one year later. Since then she herself has been a nomad moving place to place wherever she can help and feels led by God. She then passed on some advice that her missionary friends shared with her about how to have a sense of home when your home is constantly changing. She told me to buy a nice table cloth and a candle. And wherever you go first thing you do is set up your table and have a meal together. This way wherever you go it is  home.

I would like to think that our time of being nomads is coming to an end. But our life is and will continue to be unpredictable. And I am OK with that. I am learning more and more every day how to be content and to have joy no matter where our current home may be.

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