Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drum Roll Please

Well I thought it was time to make some important news "blog" official...

We are moving to...

Located between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC

Some fun facts about our move:
  • We had no real intention of moving to Bellingham until session two of our summer. God placed some amazing individuals in our life who live there and we were drawn to the community that was already in place.
  • Because of these amazing individuals we were able to find an apartment (that allows us to keep Harley!!!), Nick had an amazing interview with Cornwall for a Technical Director position and I landed myself a job working at Organized at Last doing a whole slew of things relating to driving their business forward!
  • We pretty much decided to move there site unseen, but did have an opportunity a week ago to visit for a couple of days. So far from what I have seen it reminds me so much of Chico, CA my hometown, and that I love! 
So soon we will be on to our next adventure! We are excited to for our next month her at Malibu, but equally excited for our new life as Washingtonians. There probably won't be much blogging from me the next month as we transition, but I look forward to taking it up more once we get to our new home! Thanks for following us on this journey. :)

1 comment:

  1. i miss you two but i love everything about this move! Washington is a great place to grow up ;)


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