Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Journey to Bellingham

It all started when we left the Rock on the 18th. We journeyed all the way to Seattle with two other interns and a car pilled full. Just try to imagine a little Toyota Rav 4 filled to the brim with four peoples stuff from all summer along with those four people. Oh and one blow up dolphin! Let's just say crossing the boarder was a riot. We spent that first night at our friends Stefphan's apartment then awoke bright and early and headed to the Washington Family Ranch to spend the afternoon with our friends the Pratt's. Then yet again, bright and early we headed to Bend to pick up our rental truck that would bring our life's belonging to Bellingham.

We had a total of two days to unpack before we headed to CA to pick up Harley!

I seriously can't resist this face!

We spent our time on the farm adjusting Harley back to being with us. That included lots and lots of walks. 

We enjoyed (I did at least, Nick not so much) temperatures of over 100 the first day and blue skies. After a summer of grey skies it was so nice to enjoy such hot temps.

We left CA this morning and we are now safely home. Harley did great in the car. He pretty much slept the entire way home and any time we stopped he instantly perked up and hopped in the most recently vacated seat. That tended to be Nick's. All in all we are so excited to be on this new journey here in Bellingham. More posts on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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