Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where has the time gone...

We have now lived in Bellingham for almost 9 months. Craziness! Our time here has been more than we could have dreamed. Nick transitioned into his role at Cornwall Church seamlessly. Granted the first couple months he kept telling me he was waiting for them to figure out they hired the WRONG guy and let him go. He felt completely unqualified to be doing the job he was hired to do. But man was he wrong! So many people, from staff members to volunteers to those who simply attend the church have been so supportive and vocal in their support and love for Nick. During the first interview (which I was in attendance) he was asked if we was more tech minded or relational minded insinuating you can not be both. I quickly answered for him that he was equally balanced in both. At first I don't think they believed me, but just 9 months later that is the thing he is most praised for! It has been an incredibly joy for me to see him in a role he was made for. We thank God for placing the right people in our lives to guide us to where we are now.

I have done many jobs since moving here including freelancing for Young Life, working as an assistant to a professional organizer, working at Pier 1 for the holidays, working at a drug and alcohol recovery center doing childcare and now finally working as an assistant to a managing Broker whom I will be a real estate agent under in the very near future (only 40hrs of class time to go)! I am excited about this new career path, it is everything I had hoped and dreamed off. Interestingly enough my parents will vouch that they saw this coming since I was a child, I was always intrigued by the industry and even since Nick and I have been married I have mentioned wanting to go into real estate at least 5 times! So yes, I am very excited!

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  1. Happy for you! It's awesome how God orchestrates things, isn't it? :)


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