Thursday, June 2, 2011

Camp Life

Reasons Why I love Camp Life
  1. I love waking up in the morning to the smell of camp, and by that I mean the smell of trees, dirt and ocean! 
  2. When all the campers are here and you can tell by the masses amount of towels hung out, it sends me to a place in my childhood where everything was so simple. All you worried about was if your bathing suit was going to be dry enough the next morning.
  3. The schedule. I like the fact that there is a sense of order to the day and it's predictable. But still having plenty of unpredictable moments thrown in there. I mean come one, we are dealing with High Schoolers! :)
  4. As much as I know I will dread the fact that we have the same meals every week by the end of the summer, right now I am relishing in the fact that I don't have to think about what to make when I am hungry or do dishes when I am done eating. It is fantastic!
  5. The people who are in camping ministry are probably some of the coolest peeps I know! They are amazing servants and I feel so lucky to get to be friends with them.
  6. No cell phones! Um, can I just say that a little over a year ago I would never have been so excited about this fact. But after being at the canyon I have seamlessly transitioned into the "happy without a phone club".  
  7. Being surrounded by God. I know this may seem cliche but being surrounded by the massive mountains and the depths of the ocean is a constant reminder for me of God's greatness. Not only that but I love that being in a community like this serving God is the primary focus of everyone who enters. 
  8. Living in a cabin. I love the smell and feel of our cabin. I feel so blessed to be living in place that is so foreign yet feels like home.
If someone would have told me 3 years ago that my life would go from this:

To this:

I would have never believed them. But I am thankful for my Sovereign Lord who once again proved to me that He knows me better than anyone. He continues to prepare the way for me to live a fulfilled life that I could have never dreamed for myself.

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  1. Hi STacy!
    Harley is doing fine. He went for a golf cart ride with me. He was running and I was driving. When I let him in the golf cart for the rest of the trip he rested his head on the seat and was very cuddly for the rest of the trip!


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